‘Interstellar Overdrive'
Pink Floyd
STC (Coles) 4038

On 16 March 1967, the 4038 was placed in front of a young Roger Waters’ bass cabinet as Pink Floyd set up to record ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ in Studio Three.

“When engineer Peter Bown arrived his first words to me were, ‘F***! That’s loud!’ He decided to use a 4038 to record the bass guitar. It was an unfortunate choice as within a few minutes the sheer volume of sound had broken the microphone’s ribbon.

Producer Norman Smith felt compelled to write a letter of apology to both the Studio Manager and the Managing Director of EMI Records regarding the damage to the mic in the hope that the incident would not jeopardise the group’s future relationship with the company. Luckily they accepted his apology!”

Jeff Jarratt, Producer & Engineer: June 2023

The 4038’s warm, mellow sound makes it ideal for recording anything from guitar to French horns to drums. It is still used in this capacity today for such recordings as Sam Smith’s ‘Love Goes (Live at Abbey Road Studios)’.

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Pink Floyd
The Piper at The Gates of Dawn, 1967
Photo: © Andrew Whittuck