‘The Dark Side of the Moon'
Pink Floyd
Neumann KM86

The Neumann KM86 was used by engineer Alan Parsons to record David Gilmour’s era-defining electric guitar for Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. The KM86 was also chosen for Richard Wright’s keyboards, Leslie speaker, piano, and even Nick Mason’s hi-hat!

The range and quality of sound captured on ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ remains some of the best of all time. Without the KM86, this masterpiece of an album simply wouldn’t sound the same.

“Generally I used the KM86 in cardioid placed about a foot away from David’s guitar cabinet. If you were too close, it would be too trebly.

The KM86 was a great mic in particular because it had phantom power and switchable polar patterns – unusual for a small diaphragm. On occasion I might have experimented using either omni or figure-of-eight to pick up a bit of the room.”

Alan Parsons OBE, Producer & Engineer: June 2023

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David Gilmour
The Dark Side of the Moon, 1972
Photo: © Jill Furmanovsky Archive